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Water Conservation

Water Conservation rebates are available to CSD water customers using District water supplies as their primary indoor and outdoor water source.

Toilet Replacement Rebate
• Replace your existing toilet with a new toilet and get a credit towards your next water bill.
• Existing toilets must have a gallon per flush (GPF) rating of 1.6 or more.
• New toilets must have a GPF rating of 1.28 or less.
• Limit 2 toilet rebates per property.
Download the application below for full program details.

Turf Removal Rebate
• Remove existing lawn/turf and get credit towards your future water bills.
• Credit is available for up to 1,000 square feet of removed turf.
• The first 250 square feet of turf removed will receive a higher rebate credit per square foot than the next 750 square feet.
Download the outdoor rebate application below and call the office to schedule you pre-project inspection.

Irrigation Controller Rebate
• Install a WaterSense certified irrigation controller and receive a rebate towards your next water bill.
• For a list of compliant devices visit:

Download the outdoor rebate application below for details.