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All improved properties in the District are charged annually for mandatory household refuse collection service. The District provides a 96-gallon refuse cart and a 64-gallon recycle cart for each household with an identifier specific to the property. All refuse including yard waste, tree trimmings, and ashes must be placed inside the black cart with the lid closed to ensure pickup. Please ensure your ashes are completely cool by adding water until they have a “soupy” consistency. Your ashes must then be bagged and placed in your cart. Recyclable items include: aluminum, plastics with symbols 1-7, clear and colored glass, newspapers, magazines, broken down cardboard, aerosol cans and tin. Comingled recycle items are to be placed directly in the blue cart loose and not bagged.

Please be sure to set out refuse and recycle for collection by 6:00 a.m. on the morning of regular weekly pickup. Carts are to be placed at least three (3) feet from any obstruction such as other carts, mailboxes, vehicles, structures, etc. In addition, be sure your cart is accessible and not blocked by snow or debris.

If you experience any issues with your cart (broken lid or broken wheels) please contact our office at (909) 585-2565 to arrange for repairs. If your cart is lost, stolen, or damaged by the property owner/tenant, there is a $100 replacement fee. Reference the Solid Waste Fee Schedule below for information about other fees.


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