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(909) 585-2565

After Hours Phone

(909) 585-2567

Residential Collection

The Solid Waste Department begins the day bright and early! To ensure collection, all District provided containers must be placed roadside clearly visible to collection personnel by 6:00 a.m. on collection day. Carts are to be placed at least three (3) feet from any obstruction such as other carts, mailboxes, vehicles, structures, etc. Utilizing any container other than those provided by the District is prohibited.

All refuse including yard waste, tree trimmings, and ashes must be placed inside the cart with the lid closed to ensure pickup. Please ensure your ashes are completely cool by adding water until they have a “soupy” consistency. Your ashes must then be bagged and placed in your cart.

Items not acceptable for collection: dead animals, metal objects, rocks, dirt, concrete, asphalt, tires, paint, motor oil, or any household hazardous/toxic waste, carpet, TV’s, computers, and other electronics.

Please watch the videos below for cart preparation and placement information.



Thank you for your patience and helping us keep our community clean!

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