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Materials: Acceptable items for disposal in a trash cart include: household trash, food waste, animal waste, ashes (water soaked & bagged), lightweight plastics, and clothing. Acceptable items for disposal in a trash dumpster include those accepted in a trash cart, and construction debris (4’ or less in length). Heavy and non-compactable items such as concrete, asphalt, steel, brick, appliances, roofing, carpet, and large pieces of furniture can only be disposed of in a roll-off container. Unacceptable materials include: yard waste, land clearing debris such as dirt, rocks, large tree stumps, recyclable materials, electronics, and hazardous waste. A container rented for the disposal of trash will not be emptied if it contains green waste, recycling, or prohibited items.

Payment: Payment for solid waste services (including trash containers) must be made by cash or check. No credit or debit cards.

Please contact our office at (909) 585-2565 to rent an additional trash cart or trash dumpster.

Additional Trash Cart Rental
One 96-gallon trash cart is provided per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU) to all improved properties within the District service area. Additional carts can be rented on an annual, or monthly basis up to a maximum total of 3 carts per parcel.

Annual Rental: $205.63
Calendar Month Rental: $25 delivery + $17.14 per month

Please review the Solid Waste Cart Request Form below for more information.

Trash Dumpster Rental
3-yard and 1-yard temporary dumpsters can be rented by the calendar month. Roll-off and 1-yard temporary dumpsters can be rented by the week. Rental fees will not be prorated. Following completion of the application and payment of fees by cash or check, the dumpster will be scheduled for delivery. Once a dumpster has been delivered, the terms of the rental agreement cannot be changed, and the fees become non-refundable.

Please review the Trash Dumpster Application below for more information.

Calendar Month Dumpster Rates

1 Yard Dumpster Specifications: Depth: 32"; Length: 72"; Height: 32"
3 Yard Dumpster Specifications: Depth: 42.5"; Length: 72"; Rear Height: 49"
Standard Roll-Off Specifications: Depth: 15’; Length 8’; Height: 4’
Heavy Material Roll-Off Specifications: Depth: 12’; Length 8’; Height: 2’