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Backhoe digging up the streets

As a part of maintaining an aging infrastructure, sometimes repair to our CSD's sewer pipelines are needed. Repairs are made due to root intrusion, damaged pipe, belly's in the line, infiltration from groundwater, and occasionally to fix a stoppage that our hydro trucks are unable to clear. Our sewer mains are not always in the middle of the street, we have lines in back-yards, underneath driveways, and even in the middle of the forest. In some areas of our sewer system our pipes are only a few feet deep, but in other areas they are over 20 feet underground.

Underground Service Alert

Buried utilities can exist just about anywhere on your property - hence the importance of checking with DigAlert before digging. You can prevent damage to underground utilities and avoid service interruptions simply by filling out an online location request at DigAlert Express or by simply calling 811 two (2) business days prior to starting your excavation.

This is a 100% free service, and more importantly-it's the California state law.