Business Hours Phone

(909) 585-2565

After Hours Phone

(909) 585-2567
Black Wastewater Collection Truck

The Big Bear City Community Services District Sewer Department provides wastewater collection service to Big Bear City and in the areas known as Sugarloaf, Erwin Lake, Whispering Forest, and a portion of Moonridge.

The CSD Sewer Department serves 11,786 Residential customers, 7 Restaurants, 6 Churches, 4 Schools and 186 Businesses in the Big Bear City Community. The department operates out of a 7,500 square foot building at the CSD Paradise Maintenance Yard located at 417 Grenfall Lane in Big City. We operate 2 CCTV Inspection Vans, 2 Combination Cleaning/Vacuum Trucks, 1 Backhoe, 1 Skid Steer, 1 Dump Truck, 1 Slip Line Trailer, 1 Portable Pumping Station and 6 support vehicles. Eight California Water Environment Association (CWEA) Certified Collection System Operators operate and maintain the department's 7 Pump Stations, 116 miles of Sewer Mainlines ranging in size from 8 - 18 inches in diameter, and 2,886 Manholes. We average a monthly sewage flow to the local BBARWA wastewater treatment plant of 28,740,120 gallons.

Staffing and Responsibilities

  • Maintenance and repair of the sewer system and pump stations
  • Cleaning of sewer lines

  • Televising lines to find problem areas
  • Inspection of new connections made to the system
  • Construction inspections

  • Underground Service Alert (USA) line locations

  • F.O.G. Inspection Program
  • Customer Service Calls