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An Adobe Acrobat file FS_2022.pdf 3.27 MB 2022-12-08
An Adobe Acrobat file FS_2021.pdf 760.53 KB 2022-03-08
An Adobe Acrobat file FS_2020.pdf 4.24 MB 2021-05-04
An Adobe Acrobat file FS_2019.pdf 525.65 KB 2020-05-19
An Adobe Acrobat file FS_2018.pdf 508.71 KB 2019-08-16


Big Bear City CSD Financial Policies are policies developed to guide the appropriate use of resources.

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An Adobe Acrobat file Appropriations Limit 2023.pdf 412.88 KB 2023-09-27
An Adobe Acrobat file RES2023-09 Investment Policy.pdf 166.52 KB 2023-06-13
An Adobe Acrobat file Capitalization Policy.pdf 281.07 KB 2023-03-07
An Adobe Acrobat file Procurement Policies and Procedures.pdf 376.67 KB 2023-03-07
An Adobe Acrobat file Unclaimed Funds Policy.pdf 141.41 KB 2022-07-19
An Adobe Acrobat file Debt Management Policy.pdf 542.18 KB 2019-08-08
An Adobe Acrobat file Governmental Fund Balance Policy.pdf 435.28 KB 2013-06-25


Annually, the District’s Finance Officer furnishes a report of all the District’s financial transactions during the preceding fiscal year to the California State Controller. The report contains the underlying data from our audited financial statements and is prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The District also annually submits, to the Controller, information on public employee compensation.

The State Controller’s “By the Numbers” website is located at
Public employee compensation data can be found at