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Cured-in-place Pipe

Cured In Place Pipe

Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP)

Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP) is a trenchless rehabilitation method the CSD Sewer Department uses to repair existing pipelines . CIPP is a joint-less, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe. As a trenchless technology, it does not require excavation to rehabilitate a sewer pipeline that is either leaking, structurally unsound, or damaged due to root intrusion.

The Process

To complete this process a fiberglass material is installed on an inflatable bladder and is coated with a special epoxy. Then, it is installed through a manhole and pulled to the problem location within the pipe. Once the new liner is at the proper point, the bladder is inflated pressing the material uniformly against the pipe walls. After a few hours the material cures. The bladder is then deflated and pulled out of the pipeline leaving the new pipe material cured in place.



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