• Welcome to Big Bear City

    Welcome to Big Bear City

    The Community Services District (CSD) is here to serve Big Bear City residents with quality services. We provide residents with over the phone support, easy billing, community maps, trash pick-up, water, sewer and a Board of Directors to oversee and interact with community members at large.
  • Keeping Our Water Clean

    Keeping Our Water Clean

    Providing quality water to the customers of Big Bear City Community Services District is important to us. Our system is comprised of water mains, vertical wells, sealed springs, horizontal wells, and storage reservoirs. Details about where your water comes from, what it contains and how it compares to State standards is available in our Annual Water Quality Report.
  • Secure Trash Guidelines

    Secure Trash Guidelines

    All improved properties within the District are provided household trash collection services. Please be sure your trash cans are set out for collection by 6:00 am the morning of regular weekly pickup. Legal containers may be plastic or galvanized. They must have handles, tight fitting lids, and be no more than 34 gallons, with a maximum filled weight of 60 pounds.
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State Announces $30 Million in Rebates / Over 17 Million Still Available

As you know, in August 2015 the Department of Water Resources (DWR) launched a highly successful statewide water conservation program offering rebates for turf and toilet replacement for single-family residences.



An initial budget of $24 million was established to support the conversion of more than 10 million square feet of turf, or approximately 20 percent of the statewide goal of 50 million square feet of turf. Turf rebates of up to $2 per square foot of removed and replaced turf are being offered.

Additionally, a $6 million program budget was established to support the replacement of 60,000 toilets throughout the state. Rebates up to $100 are available for the purchase and installation of one qualified high-efficiency toilet (1.28 gallons per flush or less) per household that replaces a less-efficient toilet (using more than 1.6 gallons per flush).

The turf and toilet replacement rebates continue to be a powerful incentive for residential consumers throughout the state. To date over 8,000 turf replacements applications have been submitted totaling nearly $10 million with $14 million still available. Conversely, nearly 28,000 toilet replacement rebates have been submitted totaling approximately $2.5 million leaving nearly $3.5 million in rebate funds still available.







The Toilet Replacement rebate program continues to be marketed in over 350 retailers throughout the State, including all Home Depot and Lowes stores. Point-of Purchase marketing materials promoting the availability of the toilet rebate are posted in the plumbing section of the stores, with stickers and signage adhered to qualified WaterSense certified high-efficiency toilet models.

Thank you for your support of this statewide drought response initiative!




Older News:

State Announces $30 Million in Rebates To Help Replace Old Toilets and Turf. Consumer Rebates Will Help Save Millions of Gallons of Water During Historic Drought

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) today (8/13/2015) announced two new rebate programs to help Californians replace inefficient toilets and tear out water-guzzling lawns, further conserving water during the state’s historic drought.

The “turf and toilet” rebate program is financed by the Proposition 1 water bond approved by voters in 2014. The program will help carry out Governor Brown’s April 1 Executive Order on drought to further reduce water use in homes by replacing more than 10 million square-feet of lawn and upgrading more than 60,000 water-wasting toilets.

DWR will oversee the two rebate programs, which provide a $100 consumer rebate to replace one old toilet per household and up to $2 per square foot for lawn replacement. Californians can visit www.SaveOurWaterRebates.com to apply for the rebates.

With $24 million in Proposition 1 funding, the turf replacement program will rebate $2 per square foot of turf replaced, up to $2,000 per household through state or local turf replacement programs. Consumers are eligible to replace turf that is living or dead at the time of the rebate application. (Bare earth areas with no sign of turf are not eligible for a rebate.)

The turf rebate program is estimated to benefit more than 10,000 homes, with a focus on disadvantaged communities hardest hit by the drought. $12 million of the lawn removal funds is targeted for residents in disadvantaged communities in areas with depleted groundwater basins. The turf program will be monitored by DWR and administered by the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA).

The $6 million toilet rebate program, also funded through Proposition 1, will help Californians replace approximately 60,000 old, inefficient toilets by offering a $100 customer rebate per household to replace with a high-efficiency toilet. California has been dealing with the effects of drought for four years. To learn about all the actions the state has taken to manage our water system and cope with the impacts of the drought, visit Drought.CA.Gov. Every Californian should take steps to conserve water; find out how at SaveOurWater.com.


Doug Carlson, Information Officer -- (916) 653-5114
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Kent Frame, Program Manager – (916) 651-7055
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